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🤔 Are you and your partner lacking confidence about how you will work through the hard parts of labor and birth?

🤔Are you unsure of what you can do to be more present during your birth experience?

🤔Not familiar with how the birthing process unfolds?

🤔Do you feel overwhelmed with information, like there is just too much to learn before your baby is born?

Birth Like a Boss is an online workshop developed to guide birthing parents and their partners with the insights and skills for a more positive, connected birth experience.  This workshop provides you with the opportunity to work through the hard parts together with the confidence to trust that you have created the best support team for this experience.

This workshop will help you:

👉Recognize the different stages and phases of the birthing process and what can be done during each one.

👉Inspire confidence between you and your birth partner by practicing some of the most effective breathing techniques and physical comfort measures to help ease your mind and body through each surge.

👉Learn simple and effective ways to help you through your birth experience in this short yet concise workshop where all material can be read through, viewed and put into practice in about an hour!

👉Access to a Childbirth Education Class where you will learn about common pregnancy complaints & what to do about them, Anatomy, Cord clamping, VBAC, & Medical pain relief, we will also dive into explaining some common medical terminology that you may hear your care provider use during pregnancy/labor & birth, as well as common interventions. Plus a bunch of fun out-takes to keep your spirits up throughout the whole class!

Who will benefit from this workshop:

✨Anyone currently pregnant or planning to support a loved one who is.

✨Birth partners who want to deepen their connection to one another and feel more confident in their ability to work as a team throughout this experience.

✨Anyone looking to help ease discomfort in your mind and body during your birthing journey.

✨Anyone wanting an empowered and peaceful birth experience.

Even though it may feel like it sometimes, you will not be pregnant forever! This means you have a limited amount of time to learn and retain this information to help manifest the birth experience you desire. The more you can familiarize yourself with these steps before labor begins the more effective they can be and the more intuitively they will come!

Workshop outline:

♥️️We will start with a brief overview of what can be expected in the 4 stages and 4 phases of birth. Knowing how this process unfolds will help you better identify where you are on this spectrum once labor starts and what you can do to assist each stage and phase.

♥️️Then we will dive into the 4 key breathing techniques you can utilize during your birth journey. The breath is the most important tool to creating a calm mind and body and it is the one thing you will almost always have control over, so having this as your foundation is important. Each technique will be described in detail with a video demonstration provided for your reference.

++Plus, I will share a magical way to stop panicked breathing during labor with one easy step!

♥️️Next comes hands on comfort measures for you and your birth partner. Learning how to work effectively with your loved one to ease the discomforts of labor can make your birth experience not only more tolerable physically, but you may feel a deeper sense of connection to those supporting you as well. It’s common to hesitate or become stuck in fight, flight, or freeze mode when facing a stressful situation, which is why we will explore my top 4 comfort measures complete with pictures and detailed descriptions, plus when to use them so you can feel a sense of confidence to take helpful action instead.

♥️️And lastly we will put it all together! Empowered with the key breath and comfort techniques, you will now need to practice them. This means combining the breathing techniques with each comfort measure to enhance the effect they have on the mind and body. With a simple chart, you will be able to document your breath and comfort preferences. This will encourage you to take creative authority in your birthing journey. Moreover, it will empower your birth partner with the knowledge they need to support you.  

🙏You have access to a prenatal partner yoga video that incorporates your new skills so you have a fun way to practice AND a Childbirth Education Class with my friend Ashley Clark ~(Birth Doula/Childbirth Educator/Massage therapist & Mom)

About your guide:

Shantelle Darshana of Yoga, Birth and Beyond

RYT200 | DONA Birth Doula | Mom | Partner | Curious Student of Life

I remember learning to fear birth earlier in my life. One major contributor to this fear was the over-dramatized television examples I was fed while growing up and the lack of positive stories from friends and family. When I became pregnant for the first time in 2014, everything shifted. I knew I’d have to face this aspect of my pregnancy sooner or later so I forced myself to look at my fear head on by watching birth videos, attending workshops led by doulas and birth educators and fully embracing what eventually became a full-fledged passion! After experiencing firsthand how empowering a birth can be I decided to take it to the next level when I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby in 2017. I had been teaching yoga since 2013 and decided to take a prenatal/expecting couples/mom and baby yoga training to help deepen my understanding of the physical body so I could safely continue to practice and teach other expecting/new parents during this time. Shortly after, I took the DONA international doula training and studied yoga for the pelvic floor as a way to complement my yoga classes. This helped inspire me to bring all my wisdom to the table as a birth worker. I fell in love with this path after supporting my first family through their birth journey.

My experience in shifting my perspective from one of fear to one of curiosity led me to unlock the wisdom that existed beyond it. This wisdom is what I would love to share with you.

Workshop Reviews:

🌟Great value! This package is exactly what I now know would have been perfect to have before the birth of our first child. It gives you exactly the information you need as a birth partner in clear, easy to understand instructions. Along with a great step by step set of instructions comes videos that really help to solidify the new information. Highly recommended for first time and veteran birth partners alike. 


🌟Highly recommended! Very informative, throughout the course I was very relaxed. I loved learning  about all the different breathing techniques which will help me in labour/delivery. 



$79.97 CAD

This one time payment will give you instant access to all the material in this workshop!

Your birthing journey can be peaceful, calm, and empowering. Are you open to being curious and willing to learn how to set yourself up for success? If so, you stand to gain so much more than just a beautiful birth experience - you open the doors to profound wisdom, connection, and transformation. It all starts with taking the first step, let's take it together 💗